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  1. I dont want to share my name sorry :( says:

    I’ve been extremely depressed and contemplating suicide lately. I’ve been so unhappy with life as of lately. My friend sent me the video for ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ and it actually made me cry and look at life a tad better for the moment. Thank you, I love you.

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for sharing your art with us (the world). What a wonderful gift that touches everyone and lasts forever. Thank you so much.

  3. Mr. Anxious! says:

    Please tell me you’re alive! People here has been victim of hoax! By the way, Don’t worry be happy is my wakeup song for years! Making my day better! Thanks!

  4. bobby fanbud says:

    Keep up the good work bobby!

  5. bobby fanbud says:

    Don’t worry be happy been popular since 2009

  6. Carol says:

    Bobby, are you really okay with the President using “Happy” at his rallies? Especially today, hours after a mass shooting/hate crime?

  7. Joan Orr says:

    Hello Bobby! Today my choir at First Unitarian Cleveland sang your 23rd Psalm. I do so love singing it and thinking of you and your mother. Thanks so much.

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Just wanted to say that I went to one of the concerts Bobby did at the MIM in Arizona with Gimme5, and it was easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! I was the second person in the front row that Bobby held a mic to at the beginning of the concert. I deeply enjoy singing, but I have no confidence with singing in a concert setting (I’m primarily a pianist,) but there was something odd about when he stood in front of me with the mic outstretched looking me eye to eye: I wasn’t nervous, just alert and lucid of what I ended up singing. After he stepped away, THEN my nerves hit, haha!
    Something I look up to is the amount of skill and seemingly endless versatility that all of you have, but with so much humbleness and a deep love of community, and those are things I hope to also somehow embody with my own career.
    Many thanks!

  9. Ruth Hoffecker says:

    As a young singer about to launch my career with inspiration to bring meaningful transformation or at least provoke deep thought through music, I ask you for your advise. What are your reflections from your journey so far? I hope to follow in your example with audience participation and improvisation based on real skill rather than new age laziness. Do you recommend following in your footsteps? What advise do you have to be a musician in the world today in a way that contributes to well-being for Earth and her people? What pathway do you suggest from the lessons you have learned along your way? In deep gratitude, Ruth

  10. GEORGE MADRID says:

    Hello BOBBY
    We were classmates at Cathedral High School 1964-1968
    Who would of imagined that little SKINNY
    KID would possess the Strongest lungs and talent to help cure the world of sadness.
    We used to sit and have lunch together
    BOBBY was always dressed in a sport coat and tie.He showed CLASS and respect for all.
    I will always see that little kid and his SMILE.
    THANKS for the memories
    Madrid class of 68