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  1. maria nunez says:

    Hello Boby,
    il need you, to take lesson to singing, I don’t speak very well English , I Spanish born in France;
    please help me 06 77 79 06 10, I SEE YOU IN MARCIAC years ago but I now i’at you can help me t learning singing for the future of the planet,
    don’t forget ou ins pear you , muse

  2. Tiffany Ginyard says:

    My father planted your words in my heart over 28 years ago. Whenever I think of him, I think of “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Of all the songs he blasted throughout our home, this one rings loudest in my soul– a rich jewel.

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  4. Megan says:

    You said if I’m worried I should give you a call, but I don’t know where to find your phone number! I am worried about a lot of things and could use some positivity right now. I’ve learned your song note for note and I know I’m making my trouble double by worrying but I need you to help me through this. Bless you

  5. Hans says:

    Dear Bobby:

    You might be interested in becoming a patron for a Bach House Weimar. (Bach lived in Weimar for ten years).


    If so, please contact Prof. Myriam Eichberger (info@bachhausweimar.de).

    Best wishes,


  6. Luis Emmanuel Rodriguez Reyes says:

    I am so thankful of your music. It is a reminder that music is very much alive and ever evolving. Thank you.

  7. Viktor says:

    Bobby would you like to come on my sister wedding to Poland?

  8. Sonya Caceres says:

    Dear Maestro McFerrin,
    I had a semi-heart episode today when I found out that you are coming to my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA! I am life-long student of music and teach all music disciplines at a Catholic HS in Pgh. I’ve shared your videos and masterclasses with all of my classes and have played a myriad of your CD’s for them and my 2-year old daughter. Whenever I show the video about the intrinsic connection to the Pentatonic Scale – my classes (some are NOT singers) always try it out with the audience. It elevates our minds and souls to the fact that music is a part of us more than some may think. I’ve shared improv masterclasses with lots of students and hearing how you have to just allow yourself to fail in order to really find your voice and follow our hearts more than our brains will sometimes allow. There are 2 living artists who I study and think are prolific masters – and you are one of them! I am hoping to find tickets for myself and some of my wonderful students. Seeing that you are coming to Pittsburgh literally made me jump for joy!
    You are an inspiration and true virtuoso.

  9. Carol Randazzo says:

    Dear Medicine Man Bobby,
    Do Please Do…something magical to bring balance to the yin yang of the world. Make us sing a Peace Song an old fashioned “Be In” “Love In” 1969ish. Or bring us to a clearing where only the spirits blend while hearts beat soul rhythms so we can connect the dots to infinite faceharmony..face the harmony…love and honest sounds.

  10. Landon says:

    I really like your music