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  1. Pilar says:

    Querido Bobby,

    me encontré con tu trabajo hace dos años y he quedado impactada!!

    Lo que más llamó mi atención fue el hecho de encontrar en el camino tu propia voz, la auténtica, y desde ese lugar de profunda autenticidad comunicar tu arte.

    Eres para mi un gran cantoterapeuta, y fuente de profunda inspiración.

    Un abrazo desde Chile y mil gracias

  2. Esther says:

    Dear Bobby,

    Thank you very much for your music. I have been trained as a choir singer for more than ten years and I believe that the kind of listening and creative skills that this kind of performance requires have become as extraordinarily powerful as they are incredibly needed in today’s world. Thank you for singing, thank you for listening, thank you for your inspiring work. I hope we will get to see you soon in Chicago.


  3. ariel says:

    Hello Bobby! When will avialebale tshirt in your shop?

  4. I.T.I says:

    Thank you so much for this unique, wonderful, thoughtful, funny, unforgettable concert in Budapest!!!

  5. Géraldine says:

    Hello Bobby, David and Joey
    Thank you very much for your fantastic performance in Basel (offbeat jazz festival). I’m enthusiastic about your big talent to create such a great variability of songs with your voices.
    All the best for you and keep going on!

  6. Steve Clemons says:

    Hello Mr McFerrin,

    I am a vocalist and I have a lot of respect for your gift/talent and the many hours of practice/work you have put into your craft. I am in hopes that you will perform in Southern California soon, for I would love to catch your show. Blessings.


  7. Eric Bankit says:

    There are few artists that I enjoy listening to as much as I do you – your improvisation is awe inspiring – and, indeed, your life work is inspiring I know to many – thank you…

  8. Shirley says:

    Hello Mr. McFerrin
    My grandson is studying audio engineering and he completes school this summer. I have learnt of the positive role model you have been with young people and with my grandson willing to learn all facets of the industry including rapping – can you advise me of a good path for him. thanking you in advance

  9. shiokucing says:

    Saya pikir ini salah satu yang paling penting informasi bagi saya. Dan aku gembira membaca artikel Anda. Tapi ingin Pernyataan pada beberapa biasa masalah, situs rasa adalah indah, artikel ini kenyataannya bagus : D. Baik tugas , cheers


  10. Shenzo Gregorio says:

    Dear Bobby McFerrin,

    My name is Shenzo, I’m a violinist putting on an extraordinary fundraising event called the 40 hour Jammin.

    April 21/22, 2018. 40 hours of continuous music across 5 location on a tropical island holiday destination in Australia is what we’re talking about! Think of it as a paid holiday. I’d need bobby for 30 mins. The rest of the time he can relax on a beach. There’s only 2000 residents, most of which haven’t heard of Bobby, so getting recognised ain’t a problem.

    This whole event I’m funding myself to raise money and awareness for a disease that is so cruel and terrible, my mother unfortunately was the unlucky recipient. If you haven’t heard of motor neurone disease then that’s a good thing, however to help those people who have it I’m making it my mission through the power of music to shed some light. Here is my webpage-https://www.the40hourjammin.com/

    Back in 2017 I did something that maybe not even bobby has achieved, I played music for 40 hours straight. I raised $20 000 dollars in one hit. Now that may not sound like a lot of money to you, perhaps you make that every time bobby hits the stage and brings incredible joy to people. But I’m telling you straight up that there was some serious power in the room because of what I set up and it blew me away.
    I’m more determined then ever.

    Hit me up with ball park figure of how much Bobby McFerrin would cost to have him jam at this event.

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