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  1. Hanan Berhe says:

    Hi Bobby I’m in love with your music , especially Don’t Worry Be happy.i have been singing it since I learned about u. Oh, do you remember your concert in 2003 my music teacher Ashley Chatham because u signed her your autograph. Well , talk to u later and remember don’t worry be happy

  2. HoneyBunniBlack says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Bobby. Listening to my local classical station here in the MileHigh, KVOD and it was you and Yo-Yo Ma… reminded me that yesterday was the day you began to grace our universe with your presence.

    Love your music. If ever you find yourself here in Denver, CO IWILLBE THERE! Will pick up your next CD the end of March can’t wait to give it a listen.

    A devoted fan,

  3. ioma jones says:

    Hi Bobby,I Heard a track from VOCABULARIES on the radio last night …Wonderful ,stunningly Beautifull,and much work I imagine
    .Mydog Grian died in January She Loved DontWorry Be Happy …We used to dance around to it ,when she arrived first from dog shelter.
    .if she or i was sad or ill we would always return to the cd i have the one with with Friends on it .I Came to yourconcerts in Dublin….Thank you for Being Joyfull and spreading it around! TheWorld needs it ..SO much .Love

  4. LULO says:

    ur a granny smith apple! say how does it feel? OHHHHHHHH ROASTED

  5. Benedito, do Instituto Movimento pela Felicidade em Brasil says:

    Olá bons gostaria de conversar sobre a possibilidade lidador de sua participação em um seminário sobre Felicidade que faremos no Brasil nos dia 9, 10 e 11 de maio. Como pode demos falar sobre isso?

  6. LULO says:

    Hi! Bobby! could u give a masterclass of sing.
    So many of us feel the rhythm,
    but we need to know tips to express it.
    Thank you anyway. Keep singing…!!

  7. Shako Muhaskiar says:

    Hey bobby im 12, my name is shako muhaskiar, i am from Namibia, i like music that you make alot, i truly love your music haha :) , because of you i am always happy when i was little i was very sad but not anymore because your song i love. greeting from Namibia Shaka shako :D

  8. ルイヴィトンスーパーコピーバッグ says:


  9. Gabriel Cope says:

    Hello Mr. McFerrin, I am a senior in high school working on a project about arts influence on culture and society as well as how art is fundamentally human and embedded in our brains from birth. I know you’re likely very busy but I would absolutely love it if you could grant me some sort of interview to hear what you have to say on these topics with special regard to musical art. Thank you!

  10. Riley Smith says:

    Hey Bobby, i’m 14 years old and truly in love with your music and improvisational skills and was wondering if you were going to be in the Washington D.C area soon?

    • person says:

      I saw a performance you did in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, the day after George W. was elected the second time, and I was totally despondent, but you performed, and you were great and uplifting, and you helped me feel that life would go on, and goodness would still exist, and now George W. looks like the most benevolent sweetheart compared to what we have now, and I think that you and others are so important putting music and goodness out into the universe, and I thank you for it. Thank you.