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  1. will mitchell says:

    dear Bobby..do hope with unwell you are managing light and happy and are buoyed by much love for you in return for your magnificent contributions.
    Bless you dear one..

  2. Karine Bruère-Dawson says:

    Hello Bobby,
    I took places for your concert in Lyon France in may as I always do when you come in France and I’ve read you won’t come for medical reasons. I hope you’re well. You have to take care of you, we need you so much…
    Lot’s of kisses
    Tes mélodies m’accompagnent depuis 30 ans tous les jours, mes pensées seront pour toi jusqu’à ce que tu ailles mieux

  3. Diana says:

    Hello Bobby,
    I grew up listening to and loving “don’t worry, be happy” and sing it at karaoke quite a bit. It wasn’t until recently that I learned all about your background and achievements musically. What an amazing legacy to the art of music you have explored and developed! I had no idea that your music won 10 Grammys and that more than one album went Platinum multiple times. The demonstration you did at the “Neurons” meeting with the audience on the Pentatonic scale was just genius and I was swept up into the spontaneous, sociological aspect of where you go with music, incorporating the audience, creating community. Totally……JUST WOW!!

    I don’t see anything on your website about upcoming performances. I hope you are still performing. Do you do appearances at universities to music students? If you could post where you are performing this year, that would be wonderful.

    Hoping to meet you one day soon,
    Diana Dee