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  1. Isabel ORY says:

    Bonjour Bobby,
    Nous avons appris que vous ne viendrez pas à Paris (Philarmonie), le dimanche 14 mai 2017. On est très déçus ! Pourquoi cela ?
    On aurait aimé tant voir voir et entendre !
    A bientôt nous espérons. Isabel Roland et Adélie

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  3. Kizito HM says:

    I just found in style something that I do not bother me when I’m alone.
    The most natural singing, the simplest inspiration, the clearest harmony is right here, in front of us.
    Thank you.

  4. Daniela says:

    6 years ago a friend of ours introduced your music to us.We spent 6 evenings and nights listening to your music while having pizza, drinks, cigarettes, just relaxing with our friend. Few weeks after this marathon, with your music in our heads, me and my boyfriend at that time- husband today- went for a Summer job in Norway. In our way back to Bucharest, we meet you in Alesund airport in Norway. My husband recognised you, I didn’ t believe it was you. But we read the label on your trolley, McFerrin, Bobby. Anyway. You had an apple on the top of your trolley and the apple rolled down to my feet. I gave it back to you. When we landed in Oslo, we were walking out of the airport behind you and you kindly agreed to take a picture with us. Of course we still have it. We have 2 kids now and we still remember this as one of the wooow things happening to us as a couple. We are coming to Paris next year to enjoy your show. Looking forward to it. We wish you health and a great life ahead and God Bless you and your beloved ones.

  5. Caroline Zachar says:

    Hi, Mister Bobby Mac Ferrin, How are you ?
    I know you’re in France in Lyon and in Paris next year 2017.
    My music-teacher is a fan of your Body-percussions.
    His best dream will be to meet you in his music-school near Strasbourg and to play body percussions with you and organize a workshop with the studients all about your percussions.
    I know it is quiet uncredible to hope to see you in Mundolsheim but I hope like a child.
    His birthday is on 28. October ; will be 50 years old… this year.
    Thanks Mister Mac Ferrin to read my message.

  6. steven (age 8) says:

    I like your music. You are amazing. I would really like to meet you.

  7. Moosa says:

    you have got awesome music.I would really like to meet you.keep making music,because everyone in my school loves it ssssssoooooooooooooo mutch

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  9. Allan Murray says:

    Bobby – your music is a constant light in a world that is often dark. I can never thank you enough fir sharing your gift with the world.