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  1. Glen Herbert says:

    Dear Bobby,

    What the world needs is for you to perform “Freedom is a Voice” with the Pat Metheny Group at Clinton event. Perhaps you don’t like Clinton, apparently many don’t or so the news says. But it’s not a popularity contest. It’s about working with whatever we have. That sound preachy, though I don’t mean it that way.

    Your music, and particularly that song, got me through the darkest year of my life. It’s true. I’m not blowing smoke here. Freedom is a voice, freedom is a choice. I love that you’ve given that song to the world … and I wish more could hear it, especially now.

    Glen Herbert
    Burlington, Ontario

  2. erdem says:

    hi Bobby,

    I am writing these letters from Turkey. Most of the people feel so depressed these days here.

    Your music helps us to live…

    If country turns to ”normal” , please come again…

  3. paul kernodle says:

    Wanted to tell you about a website called Playing for Change. You may have heard of this but I wanted to make sure because they do their version of Don’t Worry like I think you will enjoy. Playing for Change records one song and gives people from around the world a chance to join in. They do many songs which you might enjoy.
    Hope you are well. I haven’t seen your mother lately and must do that
    because she does mean a lot to Mary and myself.

  4. jack sere says:

    kiss my arss

  5. Alessandra Lombardini-Parks says:

    I was just thinking of your medical challenges today and hope that you are healing nicely and peacefully.

    Wishing you all the very best and lots of positive energy coming your way.

    Always happy listening to your music. Thank you!
    :-) :-) :-)

    Alessandra Lombardini-Parks

  6. William says:

    Bonjour, des années que je regarde tes concerts, écoute ta musique et enfin je possédais un billet pour te voir sur les planches du chatelet à Paris. Et là, à 3 jours de la représentation, j’apprends que tu annule le concert. Grosse grosse déception, je suivrai donc tes prochaines représentations sur le net attendant avec impatience ton retour en France. Musicalement, William

  7. David Carrizo says:

    Hola Bobby. Mi nombre es David, soy tu fan. Soy de Argentina y estuve en primera fila cuando viniste. Quisiera saber, cuando volverás a Argentina?

  8. Toni Gates says:

    Hi Mr. McFerrin, I have just produced a new CD and would love to mail you a copy for no other reason than to be able to say, “The Bobby McFerrin has MY latest creations!” haha Hope to see you when you come to Kansas City! Love your music.
    Peace, Toni

  9. Steven Aguilar says:

    Hi Bobby, I am the Chairman of our Cathedral High School 1968 Reunion Committe. You came to the last one we had in our old gym. I am planning our 50th and would love to have you attend it in our new gym.
    Please contact me for the details. Thank you,
    Steve Aguilar-Chairman
    CHS 1968 Reunion Committee

  10. tweet says:

    Your musical creations are uplifting, enlightened and often courageous. Life is better for all of us because of your efforts, particularly my daughter, who learned itsy bitsy spider from you, long ago, on an outdoor stage in Southern Oregon. More recently, your translation of Psalm 23 resonates. Hope your journey through the Psalms is currently serving you well.