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  1. Barry says:

    There have been some true geniuses of music in all genres. There have been and are performers with whom we are lucky to have shared the same planet. It is an insanely long lists of sublime makes or beauty. Music in all of its forms, I believe, is us at our noblest and best. As I navigate my fifties I realise I have not got enough time left to listen to even a fraction of the great music that exists so I have become very particular. Many years ago I was introduced to Bobby McFerrin through the CD Hush. It remains in my list of lifetime favourite recordings. I have a good deal of Bobby McFerrin in my library and loved his outstanding TED talk. It had been a few years but last week I came across a blast from the past, the video of “Be Happy” with the wonderful Robin Williams and Bill Irwin having a ball. As a result of chasing the musical high I spent the afternoon following videos of Bobby around YouTube. I felt moved to find some way to thank Mr McFerrin so I found this site. No doubt he basks in constant adulation of fans but I just wanted to add my tiny voice and say to him that we are lucky to have you as a member of the human race. I want to thank you for the transcendent beauty you have created with your life. I felt after watching and listening to you that if Music were an elemental, an old god, or some other incarnation of an ideal, that if music were to be a person, that if there was a person made of music, that person would be Bobby McFerrin. I wish you well. I wish you peace. Most of all I wish you many, many more years of music.

  2. thula says:

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