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  1. David Nwaokolo says:

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  2. Gisle Myrseth says:

    When I was a master student i Trondheim (Norway). I one weekend was attending a private party. After several (homemade) drinks and Michael Jackson records the older sister to Katinka quite suddenly put on the (for me) totally unknown “medicine music”. That audio xperience shaped my life for ever after. Thank you (Listening to it right now…)

  3. Maura Mabe says:

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  4. DennissnOps says:

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  5. Nicole Kyner says:

    So enjoy your music and saw you last year at SF Jazz. What a delightful evening. Hoping you are well.truly

    With great appreciation.

  6. Griff says:

    Dear Bobby,
    I thought you might want to have a listen to “Don’t It Make You Feel” by the Canadian band The Headpins. It would fit nicely into your songlist. You could nail this song no problem.
    Keep inventing.

  7. kendall says:

    hi i love your songs!

  8. Brad says:

    Mr. McFerrin! VOCAbularies has changed my musical life. Thank you.

  9. Richard Lieberman says:

    Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you perform live since Prague. Hoping for a great Bobby tour in 2021!

  10. Mike Hammond says:

    I’m hoping to catch you this year (2021) either in concert or a class room… Blessings!!!

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