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  2. Bishop Dr. David McIntosh says:

    Brother Bobby, I absolutely love the spirit of your stylings. I smile & dance every time I listen to your improvisations. I don’t know if this is the forum, or if you’ll ever see this, but I have a question. From a Christian faith perspective, do you consider your gift from the Spirit to the world in the vessel of your instrument to be a form of singing in tongues?

  3. Victoria says:

    If someone is reading this, please get in touch with me as I am in desperate to show an excerpt of your audio called ” Manana Iguana” for my lesson on Timbre. I am supposed to video myself teaching but need to clear the licensing or copyright law in using your music. Can anyone help me in this aspect?

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  5. Gregory Wetzel says:

    Bobby McFerrin you are so talented it is a true blessing to hear you sign. It is great to support diversity and unique skills. Keep the songs coming along!!! I also enjoy your faith messages in your songs. We all need to hear your version of He Got the World in His Hands!!!

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  10. Shawn says:

    Growing up, every time we heard ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ on the radio, or in an ad on t.v., our dad would remind us that he grew up with Bobby McFerrin. He wasn’t really someone who told big fish tales, so we always took him for his word. Of course, he also said he was friends with Jay North growing up too (the original Dennis the Mennis). Funny, I never thought to ask him if the three of them were friends, or if he was friends with Jay and Bobby at different times in his life.

    I don’t really know why I’m writing. I guess I’m just missing my dad. He passed away a few years ago. Now every time I hear ‘Don’t worry, be happy’, I’m reminded of my dad, and our ‘family legend’ of how he was friends with Bobby McFerrin growing up. I miss my dad, but it’s hard to stay sad with that beautiful voice singing “don’t worry, be happy”! (My dad’s name was Michael March)

    Thank you!