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  1. Barry says:

    There have been some true geniuses of music in all genres. There have been and are performers with whom we are lucky to have shared the same planet. It is an insanely long lists of sublime makes or beauty. Music in all of its forms, I believe, is us at our noblest and best. As I navigate my fifties I realise I have not got enough time left to listen to even a fraction of the great music that exists so I have become very particular. Many years ago I was introduced to Bobby McFerrin through the CD Hush. It remains in my list of lifetime favourite recordings. I have a good deal of Bobby McFerrin in my library and loved his outstanding TED talk. It had been a few years but last week I came across a blast from the past, the video of “Be Happy” with the wonderful Robin Williams and Bill Irwin having a ball. As a result of chasing the musical high I spent the afternoon following videos of Bobby around YouTube. I felt moved to find some way to thank Mr McFerrin so I found this site. No doubt he basks in constant adulation of fans but I just wanted to add my tiny voice and say to him that we are lucky to have you as a member of the human race. I want to thank you for the transcendent beauty you have created with your life. I felt after watching and listening to you that if Music were an elemental, an old god, or some other incarnation of an ideal, that if music were to be a person, that if there was a person made of music, that person would be Bobby McFerrin. I wish you well. I wish you peace. Most of all I wish you many, many more years of music.

  2. Moran Paul says:

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  3. Timothy says:

    Have been revisiting Bobby McFerrin’s music thanks to the convenience of Spotify. It moves my soul so deeply and with bouts of love and joy. What a delight and amazing gift to my ears. Dancing too! The 23rd Psalm on Medicine Music just brought me to tears.

    So much respect and gratitude for this beautiful music flowing soul- Booby McFerrin.

    Blessings to all, Tomthy

  4. Dan Wyman says:

    Well Bobby, while listening to one of your recordings, I just told my smallest grandson that you took his father up onstage along with your son at a cal state summer institute we were teaching and performing at in San Louis Obisbo in the ancient times of the 1980’s. Auden (age 5) loves listening to you, just as we all have these years. Thank you. Thinking of you. DW

  5. A Gus says:

    Hello! I am a long time fan, and your voice has a way of spotlighting the joy in people who listen to your music.

    I worry sometimes, is there a good phone number to call?

    Thank you, and best wishes!

  6. Jorgen says:

    vocal territory, inspiring a new generation of a cappella singers and even the beatbox movement. Joining Bobby for this performance is the 16-member choir, The Singing tribe, from Berklee College of music and special guest Meredith Monk.

  7. Jeff Beyl says:

    I am a writer. I wrote something recently about nature, birds and included the following excerpt in it. I have seen Bobby several times, in Seattle as well as at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Always enjoy his shows.

    “I once went to see the vocalist, Bobby McFerrin, in concert in Seattle. At one point during the recital, he announced that he was going to sing Bach’s Prelude #1 from The Well-Tempered Clavier.

    He started softly, “boo, doo, doo, doo, di, doo, doo, di” etc.

    All of a sudden, right on cue, two women in an upper balcony section, began intoning “Aaaaaaa-veeeee Mariiiiiii-iiiaaaa,” the Gounod part.

    I know it was part of the show. Planned. Practiced. But it seemed extemporaneous. It seemed like the two women, who harmonized perfectly, not only with each other, but with McFerrin, were suddenly overcome with enough emotion to lift their voices in song. It resonated through the auditorium like the singing of angels. Well, there are some sparrows that sing in my back yard in the mornings that sound pretty darned good.”

  8. 정선바카라 says:

    Awesome I like the way you settle down to work. Bravo I love your content.

  9. Ollie warren says:

    My name is Ollie warren. I am self taught vocalist from Aotearoa/ new Zealand. After listening and studying your music and performances and I have been completely inspired. I have always experimented with genre and style but have mainly played in bands or with an instrument. I recently started performing solo improvised vocal sets (most recently infront of 200 people) and the reaction and feed back is amazing. The vibe was very much inspired by Spontaneous inventions but with a personal twist as should be. I have a lot to learn in terms of vocal techniques and practice and aim to better my self everyday. I’m interested in if you would give online mentoring on not only the vocal side of things. But how you would recommend promoting and marketing such a style of performance in this over saturated industry. I am a broke student/ musician however but I am willing to pay whatever you like to get one on one advice from you. I am super passionate about music, performance, crowd interaction and the power of singing which your philosophies have fed. Please please get back to me, even if it is to say “No, go away you fool!!!”. You are such an inspiration to me for several reasons and I’d love the opportunity to ask you the questions I so desire to ask.
    Kia Ora,
    Ollie Warren.

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