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  1. Becky Benedict says:

    Hi Bobby,
    Was Marching in Washington DC with the over 2,000 Colorado Women and Men supporters for Women’s Right are Human Rights.
    Wish we could have blasted your songs to the whole crowd. The Women’s March shut down DC. LOL !

    Love Deborah’s request above to merge your song with the “Take Action” messaging we are spresading around the USA and the World. You are the Man to do it and sing it so Loud and Proud !

    Thank you for your Strong Voice !

  2. Deb from East Boulder County says:

    Dear Mr. McFerrin–

    I hope you will give millions (almost 3 million of us in the streets yesterday!) hope and inspiration yet again. Would you consider tweaking your wonderful “Don’t Worry” ballad so we can march and sing “Don’t Worry. Take Action!” ??? Happy to write with you if you are pressed for time or energy. :-)

    All the best,


    • Deb again says:

      And by tweaking, I mean re-recording and letting it go viral!

    • Becky Benedict says:

      Hi Deb & Bobby,
      Love Deb’s Take Action song idea & Bobby’s the Man to do it and sing it so Loud and Proud !
      Thank you both for your Strong Voices ! #TheResistance

  3. jamie doe says:

    i’m young and i don’t know what to do i attempt suicide daily and i just don’t know what is wrong with me i can’t be happy and when i listening to your song and you said i could call you well i can find your number so this is the closest i can get

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