Aug 19 -26, 2016

Circlesongs: Join Bobby and some of his favorite vocal improvisers for a week-long workshop at The Omega Institute.

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  1. Asantewaa Harris says:

    Bobby, I hope that you will help. I attended the Omega Institute’s 2016 Eco-Literacy Immersion Program for 4 weeks in July. During one of the field trips, I shocked & stunned when that very day the instructor said that he had picked about 22 ticks off his body. I was so moved that when I got on the Cafe’s computer, I read about Daryl Hall and your experiences with Lyme.

    Please help with the creation of a Wildseed Resource Center in Millerton, NY.

    Asantewaa Harris – formerly the founding Project Director of the National Resource Center on Women & AIDS

  2. Susan Tuzzolino says:

    I wasn’t able to attend this year, but I sure do hope you do this again. I’m saving up!