Omega 2014

Join Bobby and some of his favorite vocal improvisers for a Circlesong Workshop at The Omega Institute. Click here to register.

3 Posts to “Omega 2014”

  1. Zuris says:

    I first of you when I was sent an email of your song Look On The Bright Side. I loved the video, and the lyrics were so true It did make me laugh. I saw you had a witesbe so I’ve been listing to some of your songs. I consider myself to be a christian and I do have faith, but It Is a very personal thing to me. The song I’ve just listened to and watched the video of. I win Either way I really enjoyed. I could completely relate to the lyrics of this song as I suffer with mental and psyical Illness. I have found your writing to be of great insparation. Please keep going. As soon as I can find the money I hope to be able to purchase a CD.God Bless.Candy.

  2. Maliyah says:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exseptire.