spirityouall release date announced!!

Bobby McFerrin re-imagines Americana with beloved spirituals and original songs, raising the roof with joyful grooves. Scheduled for release May 14 on Sony Masterworks. Pre-order your copy here!

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  1. Joanna Finch says:

    Dear and most lovely Bobby,

    It is my dream to see you, to sing with you, and I just found out you are performing on Vancouver Island! I hope I am not too late to get a ticket to one of your concerts.

    I live in Cumberland in the Comox Valley, not far from the Victoria jazz festival. I am a vocal improvisor who learned circle song from Rhiannon and have since been sharing improvisational singing with school kids and forrest creatures, elders and adults in Antigua Ecuador and Canada. This is the music of my soul.

    I thank you from the heavens to the earth’s core for awakening in me a form in which sound merges with breath to create the most beautiful vocal experience of my life.

    I will love to have your new CD. I want to get it directly from you. From your hand, into mine, and see the sparkle in your eyes as my soul soars.

    Much love,