Circlesongs Workshop 2013!

Register here for Bobby’s only teaching week this season, August 23rd to the 30th.

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  1. Alexandre fogno says:

    hello sir McFerrin I am one of your biggest fan in Cameroon. this is the land of Richard Bona and many other artists. I’d love to see you in concert in africa and why not in Cameroon. I love what you do

  2. Lisa says:

    I tried to get in to see you in Seattle in 1986. I heard on WV public radio that you were being interviewed tonight, March 4, 2014. I am so blessed to hear what you have to share about the human voice. It inspires me to put down the judgement (which Ive worked on most of my whole life and am doing well with at this point) and stand in my truth. AND, what you said about God giving your dad a gift and that it is our duty to the planet and the god of our understanding to nurture and feed and gift this to people who are hungry for love. I played for 2 new friends the other day and they were so complimentary. They asked where I played. I said that I did not play out because I did not understand why I would do this. I asked them if it made them feel good or happy and they jumped up and yelled Yes! I have thought why would I go back out and play? I am jazz and country blues trained pianist and guitar resp.. I teach kids music. I nudge them in the creative process and wish them to have meaningful lives. Thanx for listening to this in your head! Thank you for the light..Best,Lisa

  3. Daniela says:

    Hi Bobby,
    i will love to know more about your workshop. Please let me know and i will see if i can go, i am in Italy now but i use to travel.

  4. Carola Gampe says:

    Dear Bobby,

    thanks for that great time at Omega.
    God bless you!


  5. Carola Gampe says:


    I’d like to take part at your workshop, end of august.
    Please give me a message if there is a free place for me.
    I live in Munich, Germany.

    Thanks a lot, and keep on singing.

    Best regards