Bobby in New Zealand!

On Tuesday, March 16, Cadbury New Zealand presents Bobby in concert at the SkyCity Theatre. Originally planned as a celebration of the incredible musical and cultural diversity in New Zealand, the show will now benefit Variety, a charity devoted to helping children affected by the recent earthquake in Christchurch. More information here.

5 Posts to “Bobby in New Zealand!”

  1. annie says:

    hi bobby

  2. Ismail says:

    Cheers, nice to there are some gud guys here to support Sanath. Some guys are takinlg like donkeys. they dont kno about Sanath. He was the No 1 batsman & he was the most successful captain in Sri lanka. Am i right??? so just think about that he was a worrier for last decade he sometimes fighted alone to protect our team from loses so now they are not takinlg about that.i dnt like the captancy of Sanga(only wat i see) eventhou he handles the pressure when he is batting he cant handdle the pressure when he is in the field & he doesnt like to get others support. AS A CAPTAIN he has to get 100% from others not only performences the ideas too i havent seen much that hes takinlg with others when hes arranging the feild mostly with Sanath he doesnt talk with him he can have some gud ideas with point of takinlg with him he will retire when he want as he did with his captancy so now we have to cheer our players to the victory in this USA tournament so we’ll support our team no more arguments ok guys.. this is our team we cant change it now so come on all now we’ll blow out kiwis this tym hope Sana will come to his blastering form again with Dilshan Go SL GO . (0)

  3. Mary Shea says:

    Hi Bobby McFerrin i love how you sing and i hope that one day i will be a good singer just like you and have all that funny in me and my name is Madeline Shea and i am 7 years old and my sister ellie is 4 and she is sick and my dad he is 48 yearsold and my mom is 46 years old and we love your songs love Madeline and Ellie and Mary and Patrick!

  4. yves says:

    salut je ne parle pas l’anglais mais à ce que je sache j’aime beaucoup le ta voix et style de recherche.en anglais je peut dire i like your muzik

  5. Zhao zhen yu says:

    I’m from China

    Every day to listen to your music, put the Buddha addiction in general.

    I hope you can come to China, let me feel your wonderful, so I will die without regret

    Worship you ZZY