Vocal Technique

Is anybody else out there improvising for 10 minutes a day like Bobby suggests? How’s it going?

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  1. ioma

    i wasjust listenig toVocabularies on youtube,,,wonderful music ,so i came by ! tosaythank you…..sayladeo….sometimes the voicecomes from a different place than the throat,ithink ! when my brother passedlast year ,before iactually knew ,i was singinging along to some irish pipe music ,i hadnt known those sounds could come out of me ,there was volume ,vibration,harmony ,ididnt understand why at the time,i think i do now,my voice can be Very loud ,i havecopd,and asthma all mylife (60s) how is amystey! like all the best things.Thank Youalways Bobby .Respect……ioma .

  2. PLAYERS School of Music

    Dear Bobby,

    Here a big fan of yours. Big because is a whole music Campus in Florida. The PLAYERS School of Music. We wonder if one day you come to Florida, would you do a Master Class for us. To dream is for free, so our dream is to see you in our Campus. We understand you are only one human ( although sometimes you sound like an orchestra!

    All our respect and admiration from the Faculty and Students @PLAYERS School of Music Campus. Vicky Fulop Berlin, CEO

  3. Marcia

    Your music is inspiring to me. My vocal journey feels like a kind of unlearning. Every time I hear you I remember the voice IS the way! :)