Bobble in Moscow, January 25-26, 2010!

Bobby McFerrinís latest expansion of the known universe: Bobble, an improvised opera with a wordless libretto, will be presented in Moscow on January 25 and 26, 2010 by the Musical Olympus Foundation This new project gives Bobby a chance to collaborate with other voices, welcoming local talent and influences. In this 90-minute a cappella stage show, Bobby and a cast of 16 singers, reflecting a panoramic vista of influences and traditions, re-enact the plight of the citizens of Babel and their struggle to find a common language. Through music, spontaneously composed and conducted by Bobby, they learn to listen and to hear each other.

Our incredible cast for the Moscow production:

  • Bobby McFerrin
  • Marina Sabianina (Moscow)
  • Christiane Karam (Lebanon/Boston)
  • Brenna MacCrimmon (Toronto/Istanbul)
  • Bori Magyar (Budapest)
  • Gaya Arutyunyan (Budapest)
  • Pelagea (Siberia/Moscow)
  • Tina Kuznetsov (Moscow)
  • Nino Katamadze (Georgian Republic)
  • Marta Ruiz Villamil (Cuba/St. Petersburg)
  • Edson Cordeiro (Brazil/Germany)
  • Andrey Mongush (Tuvan Republic)
  • Bulat Gafarov (Moscow)
  • Adam Matta (New York)
  • Andreas Schaerer (Germany/Zurich)
  • Vladimir Kryzhanovsky (Moscow)
  • Sergey Sarostin (Moscow)
  • Joey Blake (Boston)

One Post to “Bobble in Moscow, January 25-26, 2010!”

  1. Lia says:

    How could I only miss His concert in our area?! It seems unreal to ever see Bobby on the stage… Is it possible to dream He would ever visit some city in Russia, Ukraine, wherever nearby? Certainly, no even vague dreams about waiting for his concert in Yerevan, Armenia… However, looking forward to having any chance to listen to Him live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!